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swivel n : a coupling (as in a chain) that has one end that turns on a headed pin v : turn on a pivot [syn: pivot] [also: swivelling, swivelled]

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  1. (mechanical): A piece, as a ring or hook, attached to another piece by a pin, in such a manner as to permit rotation about the pin as an axis.
  2. A small piece of ordenance, turning on a point or swivel; -- called also swivel gun. --Wilhelm.
  3. strength of mind or character that enables one to overcome adversity; confidence; will
    Bob ain't got no swivel.


A piece, as a ring or hook


  1. To swing or turn, as on a pin or pivot.

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A swivel is a connection that allows the connected object, such as a gun or chair to rotate horizontally and/or vertically. A common design for a swivel is a cylindrical rod that can turn freely within a support structure. The rod is usually prevented from slipping out by a nut, washer or thickening of the rod. The device can be attached to the ends of the rod or the center. Another common design is a sphere that is able to rotate within a support structure. The device is attached to the sphere. A third design is a hollow cylindrical rod that has a rod that is slightly smaller than its inside diameter inside of it. They are prevented from coming apart by flanges. The device may be attached to either end.
A swivel joint for a pipe is often a threaded connection in between which at least one of the pipes is curved, often at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees. The connection is tightened enough to be water- or air-tight and then tightened further so that it is in the correct position.
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arbor, axis, axle, axle bar, axle shaft, axle spindle, axle-tree, circle, circulate, circumrotate, circumvolute, come about, crank, distaff, fetch about, fulcrum, gimbal, go about, go around, go round, gudgeon, gyrate, gyre, heel, hinge, hingle, hub, mandrel, nave, oarlock, pin, pintle, pirouette, pivot, pivot about, pole, put about, radiant, revolve, rotate, round, rowlock, screw, spin, spindle, swing, swing round, trunnion, turn, turn a pirouette, turn about, turn around, turn round, turn tail, twist, veer, veer around, wamble, wheel, wheel about, whirl, wind
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